Whistling Strategies (2020)

Whistling Strategies (2020)/ Strategije požvižgavanja : video installation, 20min.

Whistling Strategies_Zoom debate (2021): sound installation, 30min.


Whistling as a spontaneous and coincidental performative act that usually happens during other activities. This universal form of non-verbal communication, which is typical for all cultures, generations, and genders, is surrounded by an aura of triviality, although it is faster, stronger, and penetrates deeper than a spoken word. Acording to whistling superstitions there is no place (or time) where you can whistle and not couse something bad to happen.

Second part of the project took place on Zoom while galleries were closed due to COVID pandemic in 2020. For first event called “Whistling Strategis_Zoom debate” I invited people to join the debate only by whistling.  Second event was a conversation with a profesional whistler Yuki Takeda.