Serendipitously (2022)

Installation with text based computer game


“During the time at Residency Unlimited in NYC, artist regularly monitored the Craigslist website, which is dedicated to advertisements and announcements, and focused on the lost and found section. She monitored advertisements for lost items on a daily basis and set herself the task of trying to find them and return them to their owners. Searching for lost objects and tracking the strangers’ paths provided an excellent way to explore a new city and meet people and dictated an unusual space-mapping methodology. The goal was not (necessarily) to find the lost object, but the openness, the potentiality of what might happen along the way.

Based on the acquired material, she designed a computer game in the style of interactive fiction. With the answers to the questions asked, the viewer moves around a simplified map and in this way relives the author’s detective search for lost objects….”

Full text by curator Nina Skumavec is avaliable on :